Solar Pool Heater Buyers Guide

This year is bringing a huge surge in the number of people who are interested in buying a solar pool heater for their swimming pools. The advantages are obvious: in these days of high energy prices, the operating cost is virtually nil, it is relatively easy to install yourself [...] Continue Reading…

Aqua Pro Inground Heat Pump Review

Save on heating costs with these commercial grade heat pumps!

Aqua Pro Heat Pumps are the most efficient, trouble-free way to heat your in ground pool. Heat pumps compress the outdoor air, extracting the heat from it and sending the heated water back to your pool. Heat pumps are so [...] Continue Reading…

Solar Pool Covers Keep Your Pool Warm

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Whether you have a swimming pool heater or not, you want your pool water to get warm as early as possible in the spring and stay warm as late as possible into the fall. Even if you live [...] Continue Reading…